NAQTMUKSI’K (LEGACY) Charlie Joe Dennis: produced by GRYPHON media productions for UINR (Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources). UINR said about this video: “Our tribute to Earth Day 2016 is a new video to honour the legacy of Charlie Joe Dennis. Charlie worked tirelessly for the health and well being of the natural environment of Unama’ki. Naqtmuksi’k/Legacy shows Charlie throughout his career from a young man with a particular interest in oysters to his work as a community leader.

 SAUNA: Divine Comedy: One of two short documentary videos produced by GRYPHON media productions with the renowned visual artist Onni Nordman. In this video Onni answers the question “What does it mean?”…or does he? The videos were premiered at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Sydney in October, 2016.

 ALL ABOUT EELS: A 10 part series of micro-educational videos produced by GRYPHON media productions for UINR (Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources). Whether you are interested in summer spearing, winter spearing, making a spear, life cycle, traditions, or cooking eel, there is a video here for you. This project was made possible through the collaboration of PARKS Canada. Project completed March 2013.

GRYPHON Crew for the production of this series included Laurén M E Hardy, Michael G. Macdonald, and Zaharaddeen Tuggar. Direction, principal photography, story structure, edit and post by Madeline Yakimchuk. Original soundtrack by ArtDamage.

Archival footage was provided by George Marshall (Maslaq on Youtube), Keith Christmas, PARKS Canada (Laurén M E Hardy), and Tom Johnson. Photographs were provided by UINR, PARKS Canada, Keith Christmas and Katherine Jones.

 Five youth, along with their team leader, and the support and encouragement of local Elders and professionals, tackle the cleanup of the stream that leads from the lake that is their water source, drains it, and helps keep it alive and clean. This video was produced as a community video training project, with the five youth as researchers, subjects and crew. GRYPHON media productions helps many community groups produce their own video through hands on learning. For more information about our community programs, see our SERVICES page, or contact us.

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