Cuba 1991-1996

30sec. TELEVISION COMMERCIAL for the Second International Solidarity Gathering in Habana, Cuba.
Agency: ICRT  Client: ICAP  Year: 1996  Product: Public Interest Campaign
TELEVISION PRESENTATION for the Panamerican Games Mar del Plata 95.
Agency: Independent  Client: ICRT  Product: broadcast  Year: 1995  Animation: Ricardo Almeyda

Samples from a series of five 30sec.
First post-revolution TV commerciales produced in Cuba for Latin America
Agency: Citra, Ecuador  Client: Tecnopapel  Brand: Confort  Year: 1994

Samples from TELEVISION COMMERCIALS (Digital Betacam)
Agency: ICRT  Client: Guitart Hotels (Spain) Year: 1994


Best Commercial – 1994, Havana International Exhibition
The special effect in this ad was the first ever created by Madeline Yakimchuk of GRYPHON media productions, and the first thing like it to be seen in Cuba. It was produced frame by frame, and taken from the studio of GRYPHON media productions to the national television post production studio on diskettes, one frame per diskette, 30 diskettes in total. Two diskettes were damaged, but there was no gas to return to get another copy, so there is a glitch.
Such were the days of working in Cuba in the early 90’s.
Agency: Independent  Client: Tauro  Brand: Tauro Meats  Year:1994