With the participation of 5-10 community members, in just five half-day sessions of hands-on community video training, you could end up with a 30-60 second promotional video about your centre, an upcoming community event or an issue of importance to your mandate that you would be proud to post to your website, or even broadcast on local community TV? This workshop will do that for you, in addition to providing a valuable experience for the participants, and adding something new to your upcoming youth programming schedule. Contact for further information.

The above video was produced by a group of youth from Membertou and Eskasoni through the Let’s Make a Video program, as part of the Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk RED ROAD project.


Partnering with community and cultural groups to assist in the development of media projects (documentaries, promotionals and educationals). GRYPHON media productions provides know-how in budgeting for video, production planning, script structure, and proposal writing. Some examples:

EXPERIENCED CAPABLE READY – a documentary produced by Wagmatcook Community Cable Television WCCTV about the Mi’kmaq First Nation involvement in the Sydney Tar Ponds Cleanup. (2008) Script, training with the production crew, editing and post-productions by GRYPHON media productions.

ONE HANDSHAKE AT A TIME – a documentary produced by Wagmatcook Community Cable Television WCCTV about the Mi’kmaq involvement in the Sable Offshore Energy Project during the 1990’s, and the legacy of that involvement for the Mi’kmaq people. (2007) Training with the production crew, editing and post-productions by GRYPHON media productions.


Hands on training through production is the key to our approach to video in the schools. Cameras, lights, mics, and lots of action!

2009 – PDM The Game Show – a play about prescription drugs.
2008 – The People vs Mary Moses – a play about FASD.
2007 – After the Thunder – The Simon Bishop Story – a play about teenage suicide.


Group and individual programs and in-the-field training in digital video and its application to the community.

Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals or groups. Community groups can learn through production, such as this “Dear Elders” experience in Bear River First Nation during 2006. Material which was taped and edited in training can be seen on the Dear Elders webpage.


GRYPHON media productions is happy to provide editing and post-production services to community and cultural groups and independent producers.
Some of the projects we have participated in as a post facility:

GREAT JOB WolfPack The story of the Waycobah Wolfpack, a leadership and mentorship youth program in the Mi’kmaq community of Waycobah, Cape Breton, NS Canada. The movie documents the objectives, development and programs of the WolfPack through the eyes of the creator of the group,Chief Morley Googoo, as well as through the eyes of the adult leaders and, most importantly, through the eyes of the youth who have benefitted from the program.

PORQUE NOS LLAMAMOS MAPUCHE  Editing and Post-producton services were provided, in cooperation with Javier Bertín, to this Mapuche community video project, funded by the arts funding council of the Chilean government. The project presents the Mapuche’s perspective on their origins, history and current situation.